New for 2011/12: SMART Board Teacher’s Companion

SMART Board Teacher’s Companion
For Even Greater Interactivity!

  • New supplementary resource to the Breezin’ online binder
  • Provides enhanced “See It-Hear It” lessons
  • Lots of interactive exercises, quizzes, and listening examples
  • A kick-start to composition lessons
  • Links to online binder and games
  • Brings your SMART Board to life!

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Supports the Basic Fundamentals,
the first 7 chapters of Breezin’ Thru Theory

  • The Staff (all 4 clefs); Rhythm Basics; Rhythm Intermediate;
    The Piano Keyboard; Rhythm Intermediate Advanced;
    The Major Scale; and Major Key Signatures

Use with Breezin’ Thru Theory subscription or On it’s Own

  • Teacher’s Companion DVD:
    $195 (1 teacher); $390 (2+ teachers at your school). Order Here
  • Add Subscription:
    To access full curriculum (E-Binder & all games.)

PLAY VIDEO. See the SMART Board Teacher’s Companion in action!

(SMART Notebook file). Try it with your class.

* Don’t have SMART Notebook software? Then download and use this Free Viewer. Works with any brand of interactive whiteboard.


This amazing product has been awarded the highest level of distinction from SMART Technologies – ELITE Accreditation.

Woohoo & enjoy Breezin’ Thru!

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