Getting great results has never been so fun or easy. Our award winning dashboards motivate kids to excel and make it easy for teachers to get an instant read on a student or class.

Cool charts and at-a-glance graphs show student progress. Assessments are online and automatic. And students get their own dashboard that reward and motivate them to take ownership of their success.

Progress – At Your Fingertips

With intuitive charts and visual graphs, you can easily view progress and get an immediate, real-time gauge on how your students are doing.

Access your dashboards from any device, home or school.

Teacher Dashboard
94% Avg. Score
< 80%

No Hearts Broken

When it comes to music, only mastery will do. Our unique 3-heart system is another way of showing how well your students are doing, keeps them focussed on mastery.

Kids can perfect drills until they are happy with their results.

Drill Down

Zero in by class or student, by chapter or specific drill – it’s up to you! Encourage kids to excel or quickly pinpoint where you can lend a helping hand.

There are also downloadable reports in spreadsheet format for your grade books too.

It’s a Rewarding Experience

Fun, interactive drills and “gotta have ‘em” rewards motivate kids to go beyond just getting the lesson done.

With control in their hands, fun musical prizes and optional student of the month recognition, kids are proud of their achievements and actively strive to succeed.

Student Dashboard

Mad Dash for Student of the Month

Awarded to the student who completes the most drills this month at 100%


Get Your Golden Eggs

Each egg has its own secret tune


Your Reward Collection

Set it as your profile avatar