New Features for 2010/11

Here’s what’s being added to the 2010/11 edition of Breezin’ Thru Theory, making it even more fun and engaging for students and teachers alike!

1. New Interactive Game

  • Mad Dash Shoot ‘n Score hockey game
  • A fun way for kids to practice concepts and build rapid response
  • Supports Breezin’ Thru Theory chapters covering concepts on: The Staff, Rhythm, Intervals, and Triads


2. Enhanced Composition Lessons
More models and listening examples, plus audio instructions

3. New Chapter on Musical Terms
Lessons and drills covering 90 musical terms, from basic to advanced

4. Composition Wall
Here we’ll post and recognize winning student compositions

5. For Teachers

  • 2 Minute Tips: Short videos to help you get the most out of Breezin’
  • A New Set of Summative Tests
  • More Drills in later chapters