Best Tools for Schools – Again!

Woohoo! We’re thrilled to announce that Breezin’ Thru Theory and Breezin’ Thru Composing have been awarded “Best Tools for Schools” for 2016 at the NAMM Show … ONCE AGAIN!

Thank you to all our amazing teachers and students for making this possible.

It’s your valuable feedback and engaging usage that has helped shape what these terrific products are today!

Best Student Reward Incentive

“It’s not often that a product receives this award multiple times. When I met with the jury before they deliberated, the one question they asked me was, can a product that won before, win again? My answer was, “Yes, if it has new innovations, features, a new version, et cetera.” In other words, if software product version 1.0 won two years ago, it shouldn’t win again unless it is a new release with new, innovative, worthy features. And that’s just what the folks at Breezin’ Thru did over the last two years. These 2014 Best Tools for Schools winners continue to step up their game with additional reasons that educators love this online training tool for music theory and composition. Their new student progress tracking rewards students for their success and achievements. The new Teacher Dashboard, with its charts and graphs, shows student progress and features a Student of Month option. This auto-assessed online program meets national and state music education standards and is perfect for grades 5-12.”
Mike Lawson, Editor – SBO Magazine, March 7, 2016

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Woohoo! Breezin’ Thru being honored at NAMM 2016.

Best Tools 2016 award