The CIS Winter Classic

Welcome to the “CIS WINTER CLASSIC” the 7th annual Breezin’ Thru Theory Hockey Shoot ‘n Score Contest among CIS Ontario Music Students -where theory’s fun & we bring out the competitive best in you!

And the 2020 Winner is …. St. Andrew’s College.
This is the second year in a row for them. Woohoo!!!

Honourable Mentions go to The York School as the 1st Runner Up for their Top Marks on both Levels 2 & 3. TMS School is 2nd Runner Up for their Top Results for Level 1. Upper Canada College is 3rd runner up for their great performance on Level 4. And 4th runner-up this year is The Country Day School for their impressive results on Levels 2 & 3.

Congratulations to all the CIS schools and students who participated. You rock!

The Challenge: Rhythm Rocks Game

Winner: Best Score on Rhythm Level 4
(If there’s a tie; winner is school with best 5-player average)
Honourable Mentions: Best Score on Rhythm 1, 2 and 3.

Who’s Eligible? Any CIS Ontario music student / school
Contest Runs:  Monday February 24 to Friday March 6, 2020 (midnight)!

How It Works

  • Game has a 2 minute timer and students are given 20 questions.
  • Students click on the net with the right answer.
  • If you get 18 out of 20 or better (before the clock runs out), you move up to the next level (there are 4 levels).
  • Best school score/ranking on Rhythm 4 by end of contest period will be the winner. Woohoo!
  • If you’re a Breezin’ Thru Theory subscriber you can always refer to Next Gen to sharpen your skill.

Let the games begin!

Choose your school & show everyone who Rocks!


Goals Time