Homeschool Testimonials


“Breezin’ Thru Theory is allowing my child to get the theory knowledge necessary to pass his tests with ease while having fun learning.”
– CLH, Co-op Member

I watched my pianist/violist/singer 12 year old daughter try out Breezin Thru Theory tonight for the first time. She loved it! I am so glad to have finally found a super fun music theory program that is neither watered-down nor repetitive. The presentation is simple, concise, and sophisticated. Breezin is self-paced and enables the students to drill themselves as much or as little as they find necessary. The best part is that this is the first program I have ever seen that gives equal face-time to 4 clefs! There has been so little out there for those of us who read primarily c-clefs. Thank you for including us at last!”

– Dennise C., Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

“This program is great! Our DD is learning music theory, getting a chance to compose some of her own work, and very much enjoying the process. Would highly recommend even if you have no previous music background. The curriculum provides everything you need!”

– Molly D., Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

“My daughter has a very “good ear” but has struggled with note reading for all three years of piano lessons. Most theory workbooks that go along with a method series cover a topic in a page or two and don’t do constant review for retention. Doing the same drill pages over and over at BTT has increased my dds note-reading skills greatly with only about five minutes each school day. We’ve only scratched the surface of what is available at this website. I’ve recommended it to my dds piano teacher, and would require it of my students should I teach piano again.”

– A. Moore, Homeschool Buyers Co-op Member

“I recently purchased the Breezin’ Thru Theory curricula for my son to learn music theory. He is enjoying the timed games and the competition with himself, as well as others. We don’t use the computer for many of our subjects, but this one has proven to be successful. It fits in nicely with our “nugget learning” part of the day where just a few minutes of review each day creates mastery. A music teacher recently asked me for the information on Breezin’ Thru Theory so she could recommend it to the parents of a student. It is a great value.” – Tracy Teague, Co-op Member

“This program has made theory fun for my girls. They have enjoyed the format – and then are very challenged with composer’s corner. They ask to be on the program daily. My 12 year old was even able to take a Frozen song from a piano book and put it in a key for her flute. Highly recommended!”

– Stacey Luetmer, Co-op Member

“My daughter loves Breezin’ Thru Theory. She plays the piano, and though really talented, theory has always been difficult for her. Now she loves it. Each morning, she chooses Breezin Thru Theory as her first task of the day.”

– Lindsay Lombard, Co-op Member

“We love this program!! We have searched high and low for a good quality Music Theory program to do at home. This program, where it follows all basics, takes learning to the next level when it requires composition with each chapter. The requirements are not too advanced, yet the student gets to actually use what was just learned. To put music theory into practice is the best way to make sure it is understood and will stick!

Also it is all on-line with no printing or workbooks required. This makes it easy for the teacher! Highly recommended!!”

– Nicole B., Co-op Member