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Breezin’ Thru Theory is a dynamic new music theory and composition curriculum that saves time and engages students. Try the demo version of the interactive E-binder, fun games and SMART Board companion below. To tour our cool new Composing App click here.

E-Binder Demo

Check out the table of contents to see what’s covered, and flip through a beginning chapter (1) and a more advanced chapter (15) to see how it works. Sample some of the NEW Interactive Drills along with the Lessons. Have your students experience the thrill of creating music with some Composition activities. Enjoy Breezin’ Thru! Perfect with computers or chromebooks.

Free Sample Resources:

See It- Hear It: Pitch and The Staff, Triads in a Major Scale
Mad Dash Drill: Naming Lines & Spaces in Treble Clef,
Building All Triads in a Major Key – Bb & F
Composer’s Corner: Getting Started With Pitch, The 8 Penny Round

See Auto Assessment Student Tracker here

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Interactive Games

Try the Mad Dash Shoot ‘n Score hockey game. It’s a fun way for kids to practice music theory concepts and build rapid response. The game supports Breezin’ Thru Theory chapters covering concepts on: The Staff, Rhythm, Intervals, and Triads.

Use with any device: computers, iPads/tablets, chromebooks, or smartphones!

SMART Board Teacher’s Companion

For even greater interactivity in the classroom! Click here to learn more Try free sample with your class (SMART Notebook file)

Don’t have SMART Notebook software? Then download & use this Free Viewer