The boys look forward to improving their own recorded time when completing the Mad Dash Drills, and get completely charged up when given the opportunity to compete using the Breezin’ Thru hockey games.

I don’t think they know they are learning; the air in the room is electric!

Sandi Chasson
Director of Music, St. Andrew’s College

I have long searched for an online music theory program that not only caters to the diverse needs of students but also makes learning an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Breezin’ Thru has been a Game-Changing Music Theory Experience for my students!

Natalie DiNardo
Department Head - Fine Arts, De La Salle College, Ontario

Breezin’ Thru Theory has made a big difference to our music program. Student literacy levels are higher, broader, and more learning happens in less time.

Because of the time we have taken to use Breezin’ Thru Theory, our bands are able to learn more difficult music in fewer rehearsals.

Brandon Nelson
Band Teacher & Marching Band Coach, Oak Harbor High School, Washington

I’ve been using Breezin’ Thru for the past 2 years, and I am absolutely loving it!

My kids are learning all the Theory I would have covered in class, but I don’t need to take up any class time to do it! More time for rehearsing/other skills!

Dehin Weeratunge
Performing Arts Dept Head, Enver Creek Secondary School, British Columbia

I have to say, it’s been nice having time to practise harp rather than to mark theory every weekend!

And by the way, it was wonderful to just be able to open my computer and show the parents exactly what their kids are doing in theory.  Now, no surprises for them on the report cards.

Carla Silver
Music Teacher, Romeo Dallaire Public School, Ontario

Breezin Thru has been extremely beneficial to the growth and development of our program.

The musicianship skills students learn by participating in Breezin’ Thru carries with them in every aspect of their playing and performance. It has been a tremendous help pushing our program forward.

Max Meyer
Instrumental Music Teacher, Riverton High School, Utah

We love using Breezin Thru Theory!!! It’s engaging for all my students, from the one that placed at State on piano, to students who are just learning music!

Can’t wait to get more of our students using it next year.

Jacob Scherr
Band/Orchestra Director, Mount Vernon High School, Washington

Many of my students come with very different levels of music literacy. With Breezin’ Thru Theory, kids can work at their own pace without having constant access to me, and it’s a really good way to differentiate between the varying levels. There’s something that challenges everybody.

Cheryl Sumsion
Choral Director, Black Pine Circle School, California

My colleagues and I have been so impressed with Breezin’ Thru Theory. 

Every student seems happy and engaged, in their own learning and I have seen very tangible results in the performance settings. When I talk about rhythm-counting or note-names, my students seem very connected to what I’m saying now.

Brian Melody
Director of Bands, Twin Oaks Middle School, Minnesota

Breezin’ Thru has changed the way my middle school choir students view music theory.

The online exercises are engaging, rewarding, provide flexibility with lesson planning, and allow students to move at their own pace. Differentiation is truly a “breeze” with this program. I highly recommend this product and look forward to the new features that are coming soon. Thanks Breezin’ Thru!

Tracy Cinereski
Choir Director, Dempsey Middle School, Ohio

With Breezin’ Thru Theory my AP students were better prepared then ever to achieve high scores on the National Music Theory Exam.

I highly recommend this resource!

Dr. Terry Eder
Plano Sr H.S.,Texas & Co-Chair, AP Music Theory College Board

I love the flexibility this program gives the students. They can work at their own speed and their own levels. Being able to see the results on the dashboard, all in one spot is fabulous!

The students who struggle the most with reading have told me that they love the games! That steady practice without pressure is really helpful!

Vonda Roddick
Band Director, Seoul Foreign School, Korea

Breezin’ Thru Theory is the best resource I have ever seen for music theory.

In practical, daily use, it focuses the students better than ANYTHING else I have ever tried. My kids actually groan at the end of class because they want to keep working.

Jay Welenc
Band & Orchestra Director, Toledo School for the Arts, Ohio

I’ve been using the Mad Dash Drills regularly with my students and their grades improved significantly over other years. Breezin’ Thru Theory has changed my kids’ attitude towards learning music theory.

Dan Douglas
Band Director, St. Michael’s College School

Taking high level information and making it fun is important for high school and college level kids too. They love the games and the immediate feedback, even if they do get their butts kicked sometimes.

Hope M. K. Milthaler
Dir. of Choral Activities 7-12 Department Chair, Kings High School, Ohio

My students are loving the new dashboard and rewards.

My varsity girls went nuts trying to get student of the month for the most drills done, and my 6th graders were even begging for extra drills so they could get their first golden egg.

Wendi Burwinkle
Choir Director, Cedar Valley Middle School, Texas

Breezin Thru has been extremely beneficial to the growth and development of our program. The musicianship skills students learn by participating in Breezin’ Thru carries with them in every aspect of their playing and performance.

It has been a tremendous help pushing our program forward.

Jason Weimer
Instrumental Music Teacher, Riverton High School, Utah

I was looking for something different rather than the old theory text books, but games on the internet don’t have a system, so that’s what attracted me to Breezin’ Thru Theory.

The online binder is great for class as well as independent study, and students really love the compositions, games and working on computers.

Cristal Sheaffer
Grades 9-12 Music, Milton Hershey School, Pennsylvania

I’ve enjoyed using Breezin’ Thru Theory and Composing with my students. After doing the theory drills, the composition assignments were very well received. They found it rewarding to compose their own melodies and I appreciated the structured lessons that led us through the process!

Maggie Thompson
Band Director, St. Clement’s School, Canada

Kids are now enthusiastic about theory because they can use technology with these Breezin’ Thru Theory drills. Using computers or tablets offers them a different tool and since today’s students have advanced tech skills, they feel more comfortable exploring theory.

Paul Pietrkiewicz
Head of Music, St. Michael’s College School

It allows me to differentiate my instruction to meet the needs of all my students – not just to do blanket instruction for all. And they can go play a game and they’re still getting that instruction and memorization they need of note identification and other concepts.

Kristen McCullough
Music Teacher, Donald S. Jordan Int. School, California