Breezin’ Thru – New Features!

Next Gen 2017 Edition

For 2017-18 we’re adding 7 more stunning chapters to Next Gen and Ear Training Drills! The cool factor just went up and so will your students’ success!

Next Gen Edition

Welcome to the next generation of music theory.

BT Composing 15/16

Check out the cool ‘Composer’s Journey’ Dashboards & 4 new Chapters for 2015/16. Composing just got even more thrilling!

BT Theory News

New Student & Teacher Dashboards: Getting great results has never been so Fun or Easy!

NEW – Breezin’ Thru Composing

Now the thrill of making music comes to the iPad!  

2013/14 News

New Auto Assessment Student Tracker Tracks student progress for measurable results!

New for 2012/13

New Interactive Mad Dash Drills & Flexible New Pricing!

New for 2011/12: SMART Board Teacher’s Companion

For even greater interactivity

New Features for 2010/11

Awesome interactive game!