Breezin’ Thru – New Features!

Next Gen Edition

Welcome to the next generation of music theory.

BT Composing 15/16

Check out the cool ‘Composer’s Journey’ Dashboards & 4 new Chapters for 2015/16. Composing just got even more thrilling!

BT Theory News

New Student & Teacher Dashboards: Getting great results has never been so Fun or Easy!

NEW – Breezin’ Thru Composing

Now the thrill of making music comes to the iPad!  

2013/14 News

New Auto Assessment Student Tracker Tracks student progress for measurable results!

New for 2012/13

New Interactive Mad Dash Drills & Flexible New Pricing!

New for 2011/12: SMART Board Teacher’s Companion

For even greater interactivity

New Features for 2010/11

Awesome interactive game!